Transformative real estate in the heart of the Midwest.

At Vermilion, we develop assets we know in neighborhoods we understand so our partners can invest with confidence. While each development targets specific markets, opportunities, and growth potential, we approach every project with the same principles.

  • 01

    Discover and define.

    We dig deep to connect with what people want and need, then define the opportunity and strategies to make it happen.

  • 02

    Assemble the right hearts and minds.

    We collaborate at the local, community, and national level, working shoulder-to-shoulder to design, finance and build.

  • 03

    Get creative.

    We question. We pressure test. We refine. This ensures we design the best solutions, no matter how complex the challenges. Then we think of ways to make them even better.

  • 04

    Deliver delight.

    From financing to the front door, we bring thoughtfulness and authenticity to every property we develop.

  • 05

    Go long on value.

    Across the Midwest, across cycles, and over the long haul, we look beyond the built environment to ensure we’re building lasting value for our residents, communities and investors.